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All of our cards include a unqiue-to-flyer QR code on the reverse to help identify you without having to produce your original CAA documentation.
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Operator ID QR Stickers - 25x25mm

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Operator ID QR Stickers - 25x25mm
Operator ID QR Stickers - 25x25mm

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These drone operator ID stickers include your Operator ID and a unique-to-you QR code, when scanned by an ordinary smart-phone camera will allow the user to contact you via SMS and email, helping you retrieve a lost drone or accessories.

The lost/found service including the SMS text messaging costs is completely free and lasts for the 1 year from the date of your order.

After 1 year, you will not receive SMS text messages for found reports, but you will continue to receive email reports.

In this pack you will receive:
10 x 25mm x 25mm Operator ID stickers (square)
10 x 50mm x 12mm Operator ID stickers (rectangle)

The drone registration stickers are water resistant (your drone probably isn't though) once applied to your drone or accessories