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All of our cards include a unqiue-to-flyer QR code on the reverse to help identify you without having to produce your original CAA documentation.
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Run a flying club for drones or model aircraft? How about offering a bespoke ID card containing your clubs information and logo?

Can I use my own design?

Yes, but we only offer this to flying clubs, the reason for this is the large amount of time it takes to add the design to the printing systems and as a small company it doesnt make it viable.

However, if you are an organiser of a flying club, we can provide your flying club with a bespoke ID card, without set-up or design fees for your club, your members can order direct from us via unique website link.

A brief summary of what is available;

• Free Full-Colour Card Design (front)
• High quality credit-card size plastic cards
• Your Logo and club name
• Unique Membership details, CAA Operator ID and optional BMFA ID printed.
• Unique security UV overlay using your text (eg membership number, club name or member name)
• Options for your members to have their photo or a unique QR code printed on the front
• Unique verifiable QR code on the reverse side
• Members can order directly from us using a unique URL or via an order code
• No set-up or design fees for your flying-club
• Free QR Operator ID drone/model aircraft stickers with each order
• Free 'Found' service for all cards we issue
• Free Lanyard & Holder when affiliated club members place an order
• Quick print and delivery times