Our UK CAA Certificate Cards include a FREE Virtual Flyer ID Card
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Drone ID

The CAA will issue you Flyer ID and or Operator ID when you register with them, the CAA will also email you a small printable pdf of a certificate if you past your online test in line with the European categories and sub-categories of drones and drone-flight restrictions. These ID numbers are in effect is the drone id. One ID number for your Drone (Operator ID) the other ID is for the actual flyer or pilot (Flyer ID).

You can print off your CAA flyer certificate using your own printer, however this isn't quite so handy or durable as a plastic card. Our Drone ID card is literally your CAA issued certificate printed on to a hard wearing card.

Our Drone ID also contain a QR code on the back which is individual to each flyer and will allow anyone who you present the drone id card to, to download a copy of your original CAA document.

Our drone id card isnt just any ol' drone ID card, scanning the card also provides access to updated FRZ (Flight Restriction Zones) Maps, if you have one of our photo drone ID cards it will also show the registered details along with their photo.

When buying one of our drone id cards we will also register you with pilotcheck, this is another way of verifying your credentials and demonstrating that the drone pilot is acting responsibly.

The basic sub category A1/A3 'proof of online training' drone id card can be found here. This is the one you will be eligible if you just complete the registration and answer the basic safety questions correctly.

If you complete further online training with a recognised training school such as UAVHUB you may be eligible for the A2 'Certificate of Competency' drone id card which can be purchased here.

Buying a drone id card is optional, its not a legal requirement, but it does have benefits like the sheer convenience of having it in your wallet or on a lanyard around your neck when out flying your drone, showing people that you have taken steps to show you have had some level of training to safely fly a drone.