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All of our cards include a unqiue-to-flyer QR code on the reverse to help identify you without having to produce your original CAA documentation.
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Dont forget to order your complimentary QR Coded operator labels

These specially coded operator labels can be placed on your drone and accessories, not only does it help you comply with the law, but should you lose one of these labeled items, a finder can scan the code with their phone camera and report the find to us, we will then pass the message on to you, all a part of our service.
Under 18 Drone QR ID Card

Available Accessories

Operator ID QR Stickers - 25x25mm
Operator ID QR Stickers - 25x25mm
Operator ID QR Stickers - 50x12mm
Operator ID QR Stickers - 50x12mm
Card Holder & Clip
Card Holder & Clip
Card Holder & Lanyard
Card Holder & Lanyard
Manual Item
Drone Flyer Identification card specially designed for UAV flyers under the age of 18. The card contains a specially encoded QR code on the front and reverse which may help provide your official CAA registration details.

*Please note that; under 18s cannot register as a drone operator, an adult/parent will have to do this. Their drone will need to have the Operator ID stickers with the adult`s/parent`s Operator ID.
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Mon 21st September
Expected Delivery Date
Tue 22nd September - Thu 24th September
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