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All of our cards include a unqiue-to-flyer QR code on the reverse to help identify you without having to produce your original CAA documentation.
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CofC A2 Drone Card  (Photo ID)

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A2 CofC Photo ID Card
A2 CofC Photo ID Card
A2 CofC Photo ID Card
A2 CofC Photo ID Card
A2 CofC Photo ID Card

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Drone Operator Certificate of Competence including your passport style photo printed to plastic card with unique encoded QR code on the front which can provide your A2 CofC CAA certificate issued to you by and approved training centre.

The front of this card is an almost identical copy of your Certificate of Competence you will have received after completing your A2 CofC theoretical test, overlayed in the top right hand corner is your photo which will immediately help identify you to anyone you provide it to.

In order for us to print it you will need to upload a .pdf of your A2 Certificate of Competence (CofC) issued by an RAE (official training centre) and a passport style photo of yourself.

If the only training you have done is the quick 20 question knowledge check on the CAA/Register-drone website or you not even sure what A2 CofC is, then this card is not for you and you should select one of our A1/A3 cards.

A copy of your uploaded CofC will be downloadable by anyone you allow to scan the QR code on front or reverse of this card.

Please check you have category A2 before purchasing We will not print this card without you uploading the A2 certificate.

Prepared and dispatched within 3 working days